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DEI Case studies

dei roadmap

Case study: Qvik gets strategic about DEI

Often companies start out with their DEI work with one off-trainings and ambitious goals, but lack the direction to make a real impact. A DEI roadmap defines goals and accountability, maps risks and the timeline for the various action points. Qvik embarked on a strategic DEI journey by defining their own roadmap with Inklusiiv. 

With the defined goals and detailed action plan, Qvik is now set to embed DEI into the very core of the organizational culture and everyday practices.  


diversity and inclusion survey

Case study: Posti conducts a diversity and inclusion survey

Posti has a long history of advancing sustainability and social responsibility. To continue their DEI work, Posti conducted their first diversity and inclusion (D&I) survey with the aim of exploring the state of DEI in their organization.

The results from the survey and interviews were pivotal in helping Posti identify their priorities. With such revealing quantitative and qualitative data, Posti is now set on its path to creating sustainable change.



Case study: Promoting Gender Equality

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) requested Inklusiiv’s support to enhance the United Nation Women’s 5-year Gender Equality campaign’s links to the tech industry and related networks. 

Inklusiiv carried out research and benchmarking on gender equality in the technology industry both globally and in Finland. The research and its tangible examples aided FMA to plan impactful goals and actions. The final product of the collaboration was a Slush side event in 2020.


dei case study

Case study: Capturing the DEI strategy into the Code of Conduct

Company X, a global manufacturing company listed in the Helsinki stock exchange, desired direction and support in perfecting the content, imagery and tone of their corporate content so that it would strongly convey their new DEI strategy to all the stakeholders. 

Inklusiiv carried out a benchmark analysis on content, language and imagery, and provided concrete examples on best practices regarding the creation and sharing of a Code of Conduct. Changes were recommended on how to communicate and share the importance of DEI in relation to the company’s strategy. The training materials were reviewed and developed to truly highlight the company’s emphasis on DEI. 


dei case study

Case Study: The state of Equality in the Finnish Music Industry

With no industry-specific data, it is hard to know what is the realistic full picture and understand what actions to prioritize to better promote equality. Finnish music organizations wanted to change this so they could implement more effective policies and practices in the future. 

To address this issue, Finnish music organizations partnered up with Inklusiiv. Inklusiiv conducted a DEI survey to better understand the extent and forms in which inappropriate and exclusionary practices were taking place in the industry.

The partnership yielded valuable insights into the industry. Inklusiiv also proposed the next steps to tackle these issues. The project also garnered positive media attention, and clear commitment from organizations and its main actors and welcomed an open discussion about these important topics. 


dei case study

Case Study: TEK advances inclusive culture of student unions

It is crucial for student unions to promote inclusion and equity, as well as teach and uphold inclusive values. TEK acknowledged the power and responsibility they had and set out to advance their student culture.

To address this issue, TEK partnered up with Inklusiiv. Inklusiiv proposed a  holistic approach consisting of qualitative data collection on student experiences, leadership trainings, an open keynote for all students, and a booklet with inclusive practices.

The collaboration resulted in interactive discussions. Based on the data from the 10 interviews, new ways to improve TEK’s communication and practices were identified. Now TEK is set on its path to continue transferring DEI knowledge and best practices to future student leaders with the help of the inclusive practices booklet.


dei case studies

Case Study: TietoEVRY created more inclusive content for recruitment
ads – the amount of women applicants increased significantly

Recruitment plays a key role in the efforts to increase the share of women in the tech industry. One barrier in recruiting more women for tech positions is that only few women apply to these positions in the first place.

To address this issue, TietoEVRY analysed the job ads and the language used in them with the help of Inklusiiv and inclusivity expert Laura Smith. Based on this analysis, TietoEVRY changed the content in their job ads to make them more inclusive. With this simple action, the company was able to increase the percentage of women applicants from 14% to 32 %.

The experiment gained a lot of attention in Finnish media (Helsingin Sanomat, Kauppalehti, Tivi) and aroused much needed discussion on the role of language and inclusion in the recruitment process. It also showed that these kinds of tangible solutions and actions can help organisations meet their goals related to promoting diversity and inclusion.


dei case studies

Case Study: Candy brand Aakkoset added inclusivity into candy bags – advertisement likeability grew by 245 %

Cloetta Finland wanted to renew the classic Aakkoset candy bag in honor of the 50th anniversary. According to Cloetta, customers expect meaningful actions from brands, and the company hoped the update of the classics would reflect better the diverse Finnish society. Inklusiiv acted as an expert in inclusion, assisting in language and cultural strategy and implementing diversity to the campaign.

In addition to the official languages ​​of Finland (Finnish and Swedish), Russian, Estonian, Arabic, English and Inari Sámi were added to the Aakkoset candy bags. The main idea was that the Aakkoset – and Cloetta – stand for inclusive values ​​and a diverse Finland. The campaign results were impressive: the market share of Aakkoset grew by 15% and the number of those who liked the ads increased by 245%. Between May and June 2020, the campaign reach was as high as 8.2 million people. When paid advertising is included, the reach grows to 12 million people.


Case Study: The Polite Type: Helping to create more inclusive Internet

The Polite Type is a font that recognises and rewrites hate speech. By launching a self-moderating font, TietoEVRY wanted to create discussion about toxic online culture and cyberbullying, the social responsibility of tech companies in solving these issues and innovative ways companies could use tech to foster empathy online.  

“Together with young students and diversity and inclusion experts like Inklusiiv, we identified offensive language related to online bullying and created a word library where each word was given a more inclusive alternative or blocked altogether.  By working closely with Inklusiiv and victims of cyberbullying, we made sure the project would be relevant and rooted in topical issues in anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. This was essential, as the project’s launch relied heavily on earned media visibility.”

Hanne Haapoja, Head of Group Customer Insight, TietoEVRY

dei case studies


  • strategic DEI partner

    “The Unconscious Bias for Recruitment workshop by Inklusiiv was extremely useful. It allowed us to gain a shared understanding on which we can build more inclusive hiring practices. Practical exercises helped the participants explore and understand their own biases and the impact of the actions. The concrete examples and best practices provided by Inklusiiv gave us several ideas on developing our recruitment and hiring process. The workshop helped Futurice take a few more important steps on our diversity and inclusion learning journey towards being a more inclusive organisation.”

    Heidi Pech, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate,

  • strategic DEI partner

    “Inklusiiv was able to work closely with us to tailor their sessions to cover the issues our employees thought would be most valuable and engaging. As a result, participation in the workshops was excellent, and we saw their concrete effect: our teams ended up motivated to bring an inclusive mindset to their day-to-day interactions. Inklusiiv’s expertise and approach to DEI is both practical and highly impactful, and we’re very grateful to have them by our side.”

    Hal Tily, Head of Data Science, Oura Ring

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    “We invited Inklusiiv to deliver 2 keynotes, one on unconscious biases and another regarding working in diverse teams. Inklusiiv also hosted a 2h training on inclusive leadership for schibsted’s leadership team and managers in Finland. The engaging content was well received by our teams. With Inklusiiv’s support, we have been able to engage Schibsted Finland in discussions about DEI, increase our knowledge, and build a sustainable foundation for our DEI work. “

    Enna Kursukangas, People & Culture Director, Schibsted

  • strategic DEI partner

    “As part of our bi-annual ESG workshops we hosted Inklusiiv for a 2h DEI training for our portfolio companies. Across the diverse crowd ranging from founders and management teams to HR, marketing and finance leads across Europe, the feedback has been immensely positive. The workshop was very well planned, providing concrete guidance and action steps as well as interactive peer-to-peer discussions. The session was of high value and we’d warmly recommend it across both VC funds and portfolio companies alike!”

    Petra Tammisto, Head of Sustainability & Investment Manager, Evli Growth Partners

  • strategic DEI partner

    “Digia’s management team, HR and managers participated in Inklusiiv’s trainings on Inclusive Leadership. Training provided useful insights and facilitated discussion on different dimensions and benefits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The participants got an opportunity to reflect on these topics and exchange experiences: what are the everyday actions one can take as a manager and as a colleague to make sure that everyone in the working community feels appreciated and welcomed. We’re looking forward to continuing our DEI journey and learning from here!”

    Liisa Onninen, HR Business Partner, Digia

  • strategic DEI partner

    “We have been using consulting and workshops provided by Inklusiiv and partnered up as a main partner in the I Started This -campaign. We have been pleased to work with Inklusiiv! With their help we have widened our understanding on D&I topics and got insights and tools and best practices to advance these topics in our organization. We strongly recommend their services to any organization keen to start their journey or learn more about these topics!”

    Ilja Riekki, Head of Innovation and Partnerships, Aalto Ventures Program, Aalto University

  • strategic DEI partner

    “Training by Inklusiiv was exactly what we needed to support our journey towards a more inclusive workplace and we got a lot of useful information on DEI topics. The trainings helped us to talk more openly about equity at the workplace and we are eager to learn more. We will continue to encourage TEK employee representatives to advance diversity at work and in the future, we’ll share more insights with all members on how to create a more inclusive worklife.”

    Sirkku Pohja, Senior Advisor – Equality and occupational safety, TEK

  • strategic DEI partner

    “As a part of our HUMUS project, Inklusiiv organised us trainings and workshops related to DEI topics such as inclusive recruitment, communications and leadership. From planning to execution, these trainings and workshops were well-prepared and professional. The trainer encouraged us to question our practices and attitudes through constructive discussion, which is a good starting point for a real organizational change. Participants gained a lot of new perspectives on how to advance diversity and inclusion in their communities!”

    Anna Logren, Project Manager,  HUMUS-project

  • strategic DEI partner

    “We took part in a half-day Diversity & Inclusion workshop organized by Inklusiiv with our recruiting and marketing team in the autumn of 2020. The workshop was very successful – both informative and inspiring. It increased our knowledge and understanding and provided ideas on how to promote the topic inside our organization. We will absolutely continue to use Inklusiiv’s services also in the future!”

    Anni Roinila, Head of Recruiting and Employer branding, Gofore

  • strategic DEI partner

    “In our 2h workshop with Inklusiiv both our firm’s investor team and CEOs from our portfolio companies participated. Despite the audience being very diverse in regards of age, gender and background, we felt like the session had something for everyone. The CEOs were inspired and us at Spintop gained more insights in how to develop our internal diversity and inclusion work and KPIs even further. I strongly recommend Inklusiiv for startup companies and VC-funds!”

    Amanda Lindqvist, Investment Manager,
    Spintop Ventures

  • image-746

    “The inspiring training on diversity and inclusion held by professionals from Inklusiiv for our recruitment and marketing experts received much praise from the participants. The training brought new perspectives and concrete tools and strengthened our previous knowledge. I recommend trainings provided by Inklusiiv!”

    Minna Kröger, Corporate Sustainability Lead, Elisa

  • strategic DEI partner

    ”At SAP, our vision is to build a healthy and inclusive culture that empowers SAP employees to run at their best by embedding Diversity & Inclusive into our daily interactions. Our leadership and sales team participated to Inklusiiv D&I workshop to hear point of views of inclusive leadership, importance to organizations and impacts to business. With this, we are better equipped on our journey building a diverse workforce, where people of all backgrounds feel included and can bring their best and authentic selves to work, driving our business with increased customers satisfaction and ability to innovate.”

    Taina Järvinen, Head of Services,
    SAP Finland