Your DEI Community.

The Inklusiiv Community is a space for organizations to share ideas and knowledge about DEI-related topics. This can include best practices, learnings, and feedback, creating a community that is honest and open to listening to new ideas. The aim of the Community is to facilitate a community of practice that helps organizations bring about effective DEI change.

Inklusiiv Community is formed by organizations that are committed to advancing DEI and recognize it as a strategic priority.

We facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing for our community, and support organizations to create more inclusive workplaces through tangible action.

Inklusiiv can help you build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace regardless of where your organization stands in your DEI journey.

What our our Community has to say:

  • “Being part of Inklusiiv’s community is an effective way to keep up with the latest DEI insights and to sense-check our own efforts. The sparring sessions provided to premium members have also been a brilliant way to uncover new solutions and to elevate our DEI work. We appreciate the deep expertise and outside perspective that Inklusiiv brings.’’

    Marjut Kumpulampi-Santos, VP, Talent and Inclusion, Metso

  • “The Inklusiiv community has helped Aiven stay accountable and up to date with all the best DEI practices. The events continue to provide us with clarity and inspiration to empower our own DEI efforts. As we have started our own internal DEI function at Aiven, being part of a support community is pivotal. As premium members, we also appreciate having access to sparring sessions that bring new perspectives to our ongoing plans.” 

    Sanna Putila, DEI Lead, Aiven

  • “As an organization that is committed to advancing DEI, we find it instrumental to follow the global and local practices and trends. This is one of the many reasons why we’ve found real value in being a part of the Inklusiiv’s member community.” 

    Niina Majaniemi, Sr Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft

  • “We understand that we play an important role in moving the needle towards a more inclusive tech industry. Being part of the Inklusiiv community allows us to continue to scale our DEI knowledge and further develop our inclusive practices.“

    Monica Johnson, Operating Partner & CFO, NGP Capital

  • “Being part of the Inklusiiv community is a natural choice for us, since it resonates with our own commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Our commitment drives our innovation agenda, helps us deliver 360 value, and ensures we act as a responsible business leader. We value being part of a community to advocate and advance those values across all industries. ”

    Mia Brunila, Marketing and Communications Lead, Accenture 

  • “The Inklusiiv community brings us real value, as it supports our interest for continuous learning on DEI topics. For us, DEI is lived through our values and ways of communicating. Staying on top of the latest trends, enables us to continue creating meaningful and sustainable DEI change.“

    Jenni Raitavuo, Head of HSE & Sustainability, Ensto

Why be part of the Inklusiiv Community?

Here’s what you’ll get being part of the Inklusiiv Community:

  • Access to DEI knowledge, research and best practices e.g. through DEI newsletters
  • Access to events: learning & knowledge sharing of best practices (e.g. through facilitated webinar sessions)
  • Networking opportunities with other companies committed to DEI
  • Hearing first about opportunities to collaborate on our events
  • An environment that promotes peer to peer support