Posti continues to show DEI commitment by conducting a diversity and inclusion survey

diversity and inclusion survey

Posti is one of the leading delivery and fulfillment companies in Finland, Sweden, and the Baltics. With 21 000 employees, Posti visits 3 million households and companies every weekday. Inklusiiv, a consulting firm specializing in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion joined forces with Posti as their strategic DEI partner. 

Posti has a long history in advancing sustainability and social responsibility. In the last few years, Posti has started working even more systematically on advancing diversity and inclusion within the company.

This year, Posti conducted their first diversity and inclusion (D&I) survey with the aim of exploring the state of DEI in their organization. Data privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality are a priority to Posti, so they partnered up with Inklusiiv to enable the collection of accurate and honest survey responses.

Three Posti functions were invited to participate in the pilot D&I survey. The questions examined the diversity at Posti, and dove into employees’ experiences of inclusion, access to opportunities, and how they perceive the work culture. Inklusiiv also conducted a series of interviews to gather qualitative insights into the experiences of specific employee demographic groups, such as their sense of inclusion and belonging. 

The results from the survey and interviews were pivotal in helping Posti identify their priorities for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. With such revealing quantitative and qualitative data, Posti is now set on its path to create sustainable change and improve the sense of equity and belonging in the workplace. 

From the beginning, it was important for us to get a trusted third party to help us to gather and analyze the data. That way, we could minimize the impact of our own potential biases. Inklusiiv was the right partner for us because of their deep expertise in DEI themes and their focus on data privacy in D&I surveys. The analyzed results and actionable recommendations on the next steps have steered us to continue to make a positive impact.” -Noomi Jägerhorn, Director of Sustainability, Posti

Leaders play a vital role in showing commitment and driving DEI change. That’s why Posti also invited Inklusiiv to host a leadership training for their senior leadership team. The session explored how leaders can support Posti’s DEI agenda and use the survey results to launch new strategic DEI initiatives.

Posti acknowledges that there is still a lot to do to achieve real equity and inclusion, not only at Posti but within society as a whole. Thus Posti wants to continue to demonstrate their commitment towards DEI through strategic and systematic initiatives. 


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