TEK Builds on DEI Knowledge through E-learning


Companies commonly train their employees on inclusive practices every few years. But this means that newcomers between these years miss out on valuable content. TEK faced the challenge of keeping everyone in the organization up to date with the best DEI practices. 


A community of current and future professionals

Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK, is a Finnish trade union of university-educated engineers, architects, and scientists. The organization has around 100 employees and a professional community of over 77,000 members. TEK aims to support its members in the transition to working life with networking events and legal, salary, and career advice. TEK’s experts are constantly working on training and maintaining workplace networks and negotiating key membership conditions with employer representatives. TEK also conducts extensive research on working life, including the conditions, salary, well-being, equality, and equity of its members.


Keeping everyone educated on DEI

For years now, TEK has been proactively driving DEI efforts with regular awareness sparking keynotes and practical trainings. The TEK community understands the value of DEI and is committed to continuously leveling up their efforts to make a real impact.  TEK partnered up with Inklusiiv to ensure a strategic and holistic approach to their DEI work. 

While TEK’s past DEI training efforts have been effective in educating existing employees, TEK faced the dilemma of what to do when new employees join the team. The challenge was how to ensure that all employees, new or old, had access to learning resources that support their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


DEI E-learning 

TEK joined forces with Inklusiiv to create a DEI e-learning course for their online learning platform.  The course was made up of short-form videos, self-reflection material, polls, quizzes and recommendations for further reading. The e-learning is offered to all their staff and in future will form a part of their employee onboarding process.


Effective and scalable learning

The DEI e-learning package will enable TEK to train their whole staff seamlessly. The beauty of e-learning videos is that everyone can equally access the platform whenever they wish. Employees can choose to complete the e-learning at a time that suits them. The e-learning course is a personalised experience and is made up of different types of learning elements, to cater to different learning styles. The high engagement and knowledge retention make e-learning a cost-effective win-win situation for both the organization and the employees. 


“ Inklusiiv’s e-learning package makes it possible for us to ensure everyone in our team is knowledgeable about DEI topics, and thus enables us to continue advancing DEI in our activities. The e-learning material is practical, informative and filled with topical real life examples. -Kati Johansson, HR Director, TEK


TEK’s DEI work continues

In addition to the e-learning, this year TEK also took part in the national #olenantirasisti campaign. TEK showed its commitment and participation by providing their employees a training on anti-racist allyship. The practical session was held by Inklusiiv’s DEI consultant, Maija Koponen. The collaboration continues with further trainings later this year.  Read about our past projects here. 

While acknowledging there is still work to be done, TEK is proud of the consistent commitment and progress they’ve made on the DEI front. TEK is excited to continue spreading DEI knowledge and implementing best practices into their everyday processes. The Inklusiiv team is delighted to be joining TEK on this journey. 


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