Finnish Design Shop sets out on a strategic DEI journey


Kicking off DEI work can feel like navigating the wilderness without a compass. That’s why diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) roadmaps can be instrumental in getting your organization on the right path toward tangible change, and so that’s precisely what Finnish Design Shop did. 


Sharing happiness through modern Design

Founded in 2004, Finnish Design Shop is the world’s largest online store that specialises in Nordic Design. They employ over 150 employees.


Finnish Design Shop’s Commitment to action

DEI is not a buzzword at Finnish Design Shop. The senior leaders at  Finnish Design Shop have been vocal advocates and sponsors of diversity and inclusion work from the very start. This commitment encouraged Finnish Design Shop to kickstart their DEI efforts with a strategic partnership with Inklusiiv. 

Inklusiiv delivered various keynotes and leadership and organization-wide trainings to the Finnish Design Shop team. To go beyond awareness raising, the team built a DEI roadmap that has enabled Finnish Design Shop to identify clear actions, goals and metrics for their DEI work. 


Results speak for themselves

Finnish Design Shop carries out annual employee surveys and for the second year in a row, DEI has been a prominent theme within them.  The most recent survey saw significant improvements on the DEI front, thanks to the awareness-sparking keynotes, competence-building trainings, and strategic DEI roadmap. Most notably, the majority of the respondents reported feeling that Finnish Design Shop’s leadership team and line managers are truly committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


“Thanks to Inklusiiv’s industry-wide expertise, we got valuable external insight into what would be ambitious yet realistic goals and metrics at this point of our DEI journey. Kicking off our DEI work with Inklusiiv has truly steered us to make real measurable progress on our DEI journey.”

– Reetta Noukka, COO,  Finnish Design Shop


The strategic DEI journey also sparked enthusiasm amongst the employees at Finnish Design Shop. Their engaged staff has both requested and eagerly attended DEI trainings and the response rate to the latest questionnaire was at a record high. The company-wide interest in DEI motivates Finnish Design Shop to continue improving the aspects that are important to the employees. 


The DEI journey continues

The roadmap’s actions, metrics, and goals will continue to catalyze real change for Finnish Design Shop in the years to come.  Their next steps include finalizing the new code of conduct for both employees and partners and communicating about it internally and externally.


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