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Since our founding in 2019, we have worked globally with more than 200 companies across various industries, strategically supporting them in their DEI journeys. We’re a small team looking for talented professionals to start their DEI careers with us. If you’re enthusiastic about DEI, and making an impact in working life, then Inklusiiv might be the right place for you.

Culture Code

We respectfully encourage applicants from all genders, races, religions, ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, language groups, and other underrepresented aspects contributing to how we identify ourselves. In our recruitment process, we are determined to ensure that everyone has an equal and fair shot at starting their DEI careers with us. 

We think that Inklusiiv is a unique and special place to work. This specialness stems from the culture we cherish, the values we uphold, and our shared sense of purpose that gives us a common direction. In our Code of Conduct you will find the cornerstones of our culture, our reasons for being, our principles, and our goals. We hope you enjoy exploring it!


Our values guide our work

Keep learning

We understand our knowledge and understanding needs to be ever evolving, and therefore we value a commitment to learning – both as individuals and as an organization. We share our feedback and learnings transparently and use that new knowledge to reach the next level.

Advance inclusion

Advancing inclusion means the commitment to take action, measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for all our activities. We practice kindness, care and compassion towards each other so everyone feels welcomed and respected regardless of their background or position. We recognise we all have biases and we actively work to counteract them.

Take responsibility

We are self-directing and trusting, and allow each other the autonomy to drive results. We proactively take action and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions. We’re in this together since we strive to reach the same goals. We stay forward-thinking by seeking solutions.

Strive for impact

We have a shared ambition and interest to work for a greater purpose. We define our goals and strategy together to build a sustainable and impactful organization. We optimise our daily work to create meaningful long-term results for our team, clients, partners, and society as a whole.

Prioritize wellbeing

We are here for the long run, so we take care of our wellbeing. We support a healthy work-life balance and offer high flexibility. Through empathy and compassion, we take the time to help one another, as well as celebrate each other’s and the organization’s wins.


Company equity

We believe in our mission so we offer employees the chance to be an owner.

Healthcare & wellbeing

Health is important – Heltti’s occupational healthcare package has got your back. Also enjoy modern ergonometric, as our offices  have standing desks, plants, and chairs that support good posture and wellbeing.


We are trusting and flexible – so work when and from where  you want.

Cozy office spaces

Being located in Maria 01 building, we have access to in-house sporting facilities like a gym, a billiard table, and relaxation spaces like a yoga room and sauna.

Laptop & Smartphone

When you start you receive a personal laptop and smartphone.


We value continuous learning hence we support learning through our feedback culture, reading clubs and learning days. Each month we organise a learning breakfasts session with varying guest speakers and topics, of course, accompanied by a delicious breakfast.

Impact & growth

The nature of our work allows us to make a major impact. We get to work with global companies and constantly advance in your own career.

Team activities

Life is more than work! Hence, we organize monthly team activities based on your suggestions like escape rooms, dinners, BBQs, parties, etc.

Phone plan

Ring ring, don’t worry we provide a mobile plan so you can make all the necessary calls you need.

dei careers
dei careers
dei careers
dei careers

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