Capturing the DEI strategy into the Code of Conduct


A code of conduct sets the foundation for a workplace culture that fosters DEI. Thus, having a code of conduct that considers not only general behaviour guidance but also emphasizes inclusive and respectful practices is a good stepping stone.


A Code of Conduct

A code of conduct (CoC) is a guide to what kind of compliance an organization expects from their employees’ behaviour. It sets clear expectations, and outlines violations and their consequences. Ultimately, a code of conduct along with consistent practices and policies provides employees with safer work environments. Creating and sharing a code of conduct that resonates with the full team and conveys the message is crucial work. A large Finnish corporation recently went through this very process.


Large Finnish stock-listed company revamps their Code of Conduct

Company X is a large manufacturing company listed on the Helsinki stock exchange with operations in several countries. They have +10 000 employees globally. 

The company was in the process of updating their code of conduct that would be valid for the next three years. They desired direction and support in perfecting the content, imagery, and tone of their corporate content; to make it strongly convey their new DEI strategy to all the stakeholders. 

As part of the organization’s holistic approach, training leaders on how they can support their teams in complying with the new code of conduct was also imperative. The training materials had to convey the leader’s role in ensuring that all employees comply with the CoC. Thus, Company X kicked off the code of conduct project with the support of Inklusiiv.  


Collaboration enables a solution

Company X partnered up with Inklusiiv, an organization specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) topics. Inklusiiv’s team familiarized itself with the company’s DEI strategy and Code of Conduct in order to provide tangible ideas on how to improve the tone of the document to convey the message of their general strategy. 

To lay the groundwork, Inklusiiv carried out a benchmark analysis on content, language and imagery. It provided concrete examples on best practices regarding the creation and sharing of a Code of Conduct.

Inklusiiv also conducted a high level examination on the tone of the document. Changes were recommended on how to communicate and share the importance of DEI in relation to the company’s strategy. The training materials were reviewed and developed to truly highlight the company’s emphasis on DEI. 

Company X acknowledges the importance of both visual and written comms and the role they play in communicating diversity and inclusion. Inklusiiv provided sparring sessions around these essential topics.


Tangible results

As a result of the collaboration, the company’s Code of Conduct now conveys their commitment to DEI. Based on Inklusiiv’s critical recommendations the tone and wording successfully captures the company’s DEI strategy. Moreover, the iterated video and training material script also use an inclusive tone and consider different audiences making it far more effective and compliable. 

code of conduct DEI

An inspiring collaboration 

“Embedding our DEI strategy to our updated Code of Conduct was one of the key objectives of the project. Inklusiiv played a crucial role in this project. Inklusiiv provided us with very useful overall comments but also with very practical tips that helped us to reach the objective. Working with Inklusiiv was truly inspiring and impactful.“ – Director of Compliance, Company X 

The collaboration between the two parties enabled Company X to successfully convey their strong DEI commitment through the code of conduct. Inklusiiv was able to bring a fresh pair of eyes and a DEI angle to their corporate content. Now Company X continues to adhere to their high ethical standards while also conveying a strong message of prioritization of a safe work environment as part of their DEI efforts. 

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