DEI roadmap – Qvik gets strategic about DEI 

dei roadmap

Often companies start out with their DEI work with one off-trainings and ambitious goals, but lack the direction to make a real impact. A DEI roadmap defines goals and accountability, maps risks and the timeline for the various action points. Qvik embarked on a strategic DEI journey by defining their own roadmap with Inklusiiv. 


Digital solutions through design

Qvik is a Helsinki and Stockholm-based software company that implements digital solutions through design. Qvik currently employs 120 employees. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are not new topics to Qvik. They have organized various internal keynotes about DEI topics throughout the years, and even hosted a webinar about inclusive design with Inklusiiv. Qvik recognizes that they have people from various backgrounds and thus are keen to do more to ensure everyone feels included. 


Challenge in moving from awareness to action

Qvik identified a genuine interest from both team and leadership members to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the organization. They had previously raised awareness about the topics through one-off-trainings, with positive engagement and interest. However, Qvik was aware that having separated efforts or remaining in the awareness stage would not lead them to the sustainable change that they were hoping to achieve. 

“It’s not always that an individual ally can have a significant impact in advancing DEI on an organisational level. However, with the help of my colleagues and Inklusiiv we’ve made that first concrete shift towards a better Qvik for everyone.” –Jesse Ukkonen, Senior Product Designer & Design Lead, Qvik


DEI roadmap creation

For this reason Qvik decided to go beyond their internal efforts and embarked in a strategic collaboration with Inklusiiv.  The roadmap creation project was the solution to embed DEI into the very core of the organizational culture and its operations. The roadmap workshop was broken down into two sessions: mapping out the priorities and building a timeline.


A new sense of direction

With the defined goals and detailed action plan, Qvik is now set to embed DEI into the very core of the organizational culture and everyday practices. The goals and timeline provide an extra sense of accountability that motivates Qvik to stay holistic and strategic about their DEI efforts. 

“We are really thrilled to continue this strategic work with Inklusiiv. The roadmap development project was precisely what we needed to help us achieve more tangible and impactful results.” – Lari Tuominen, CEO, Qvik 


Qvik gets real with DEI

Qvik acknowledges DEI is no walk in the park.  They are ready to put in the effort to challenge the existing ways of working and build a strong foundation for their culture. One way Qvik continues to do that is by openly communicating about their DEI commitments, actions and targets. Inklusiiv is excited to continue working with companies, as driven as Qvik, on their DEI journeys.  

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