Sanoma dives deep into their DEI efforts with a D&I survey

D&I Survey

The biggest media company in Finland

With over 6000 employees in 12 countries, Sanoma  is a leading European learning and media company. Sanoma Group consists of Sanoma Media Finland, the biggest media company in Finland and the owner of HS, IS and Nelonen Media, and Sanoma Learning, publisher of educational materials and services for students, teachers, and schools in primary, secondary, and vocational education. 


Sanoma’s commitment to DEI

As an organization that reaches thousands of people across numerous countries, Sanoma recognizes the importance of diversity. Through a collaboration with Inklusiiv, they have addressed priority areas resulting in a packed agenda of DEI actions for 2022. Trainings, keynotes, and an e-learning course accessible for all staff are part of the steps taken by Sanoma in order to increase awareness and equip their team to contribute to a more inclusive organization. 


Where to go next?

While these efforts are key to raising awareness and increasing know-how on DEI, designing more targeted, long-term actions on the DEI front is always improved by data on the current state of diversity and inclusion. Having concrete data, both qualitative and quantitative, was an important step for Sanoma to understand what to do next in order to become an even fairer and more inclusive workplace. Because of the sensitive nature of DEI data, Sanoma decided to collaborate with their DEI partner Inklusiiv in carrying out a diversity and inclusion survey, to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. 


A D&I survey as a solution

The D&I Survey was open for two weeks in September and October 2022. Over 6000 employees, from 12 countries across Sanoma Learning and Sanoma Media Finland, were invited to participate. To allow employees to share their experiences on inclusion in the language they feel most comfortable with, the survey was available in five languages. Sanoma designed the survey questions for their purposes and goals with sparring support from Inklusiiv’s consultants. The administration of the survey and analysis of the results was carried out by Inklusiiv.


Results from the D&I survey

The level of participation from employees across countries reflected the work Sanoma did at communicating the importance of getting input from the team and the willingness there is from individuals to contribute to organizational change. Inklusiiv’s report on the results highlighted key findings, strengths, and other insights from the data, including different employee groups’ experiences of inclusion. The report also included recommendations that can support Sanoma in defining an action plan for the months to come.  


“By sparring with Inklusiiv, we realized that having them deep dive into our D&I data was the right course of action for our multinational team. For us, it is important to collect this information in the most responsible way possible. The insights from the survey enable us to uncover our strengths and areas of development,  and start to address them strategically and holistically.”

– Jenni Hellstén, Sustainability Manager, Sanoma


The DEI work continues

Sanoma acknowledges that DEI is a journey and as such, ongoing and sustainable actions will be implemented for continuous and steady improvements. With this new wave of insightful information, Sanoma is well-equipped to plan the next DEI steps in a way that their team feels their needs are being taken into consideration. 


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