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How does the world’s leading startup event ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the very forefront of the organization and everyone’s Slush experience?


World’s leading startup event

Slush is a student-led not-for-profit movement on a mission to help and create founders that change the world. Slush is also a startup and tech event held annually in Helsinki. The event acts as a meeting ground for founders of startups and investors such as venture capitalists, accomplished with business matchmaking and pitching competitions. Slush employs 48 employees and facilitates over 1500 volunteers to bring Slush to life. 


Challenges championing inclusion into the whole Slush experience

Organizing an impactful event for 12 000 people from hundreds of different backgrounds is by no means child’s play. But Slush has never been one to settle or run away from a challenge. Recognizing the strategic importance of DEI,  Slush wanted to implement DEI across the organization from the leadership level to the volunteers. 

With the event looming merely months away, Slush wanted to be strategic on how to implement DEI actions across the organization at all levels. Continuing the long-term collaboration, Slush invited Inklusiiv to act as Slush’s strategic DEI partner. 


Implementing an all-encompassing approach to DEI

Inklusiiv and Slush identified that various areas need to be tackled to instill DEI into the whole organization and event planning process. Inklusiiv helped Slush understand their current state of DEI and identify priorities for development. The trainings further guided Slush to build and support diverse teams, and understand unconscious biases in hiring. 


“Inklusiiv was instrumental in kickstarting our long-term DEI activities and supporting us to embed practical actions into all our operations. What makes the strategic partnership with Inklusiiv so powerful is their ability to deeply understand our pain points and offer tactical solutions.” – Aino-Maija Muntila, Head of People, Slush


Ready, set, go

The strategic partnership enabled Slush to identify the strengths and development areas at different levels of the organization, both internally and externally. 

When everyone feels heard and included, that’s when real change in the world is enabled. Slush is now set and ready to organize 2022’s most impactful startup experience and continue growing their DEI efforts.  

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