Frontify completes a DEI assessment

dei assessment

Frontify is a brand-building platform where a user-friendly DAM meets customized portals. With 300 employees, Frontify has been active in taking their DEI efforts even further.


Starting point

Although Frontify had initiated some DEI efforts internally, they recognized the need for a more strategic approach. Aligning DEI initiatives with their organizational culture, values, and pace was paramount to ensure resonance with employees. Seeking clarity and direction, Frontify sought Inklusiiv’s support to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their current DEI landscape.


Uncovering strengths with a DEI current state assessment

Key stakeholders at Frontify took Inklusiiv’s self-assessment questionnaire to better illustrate the current state of DEI at Frontify. Inklusiiv’s team conducted a thorough examination of the questionnaire results and Frontify’s DEI-related materials and data. They also met with key stakeholders at Frontify several times to ensure the assessment was accurate and comprehensive. This uncovered both strengths and areas for improvement, as well as signalled to Frontify’s employees their commitment to advancing DEI. 

Based on the analysis, Inklusiiv’s DEI experts crafted practical recommendations for advancing DEI at Frontify. The Frontify team also had an opportunity to spar with Inklusiiv’s experts on how to take these recommendations forward. 

“In each call, their experts demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding our specific needs. And it showed because the final recommendations ended up being unbelievably clear, actionable and feasible for us to execute.”- Korin Cerasuolo, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition, Frontify


Taking the recommendations forward

As a result of the recommendations and collaboration, Frontify was left feeling even more confident and ready to take their DEI work forward in a way that works with their own culture and pace.

“Inklusiiv has helped us uncover our strengths, identify our needs, and have supported us in finding the direction we needed in taking forward our DEI work. Collaboration with Inklusiiv has been easy and pleasant– everything has been expertly crafted, tailored and relevant to our ways of working.” – Blandine Bussiere, Senior Talent Partner, Frontify


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