We’re the Inklusiiv Team! Don’t hesitate to contact our team of DEI experts; we’re happy to help you with your DEI journey.

DEI work is no walk in the park. It requires motivated and bright people, and we think ours are some of the best.

We’re a passionate, empathetic, and diverse bunch, who truly enjoy what we do and the people we work with. Everyone in our team brings a unique area of expertise, enabling our holistic and strategic approach to DEI work. Striving for impact is at the very heart of what we do and why.

Katja is the Founder of Inklusiiv, leading the team and organization with a background in the startup and tech industry. When it comes to DEI expertise, Katja has been working with training growth companies, venture capital funds and companies in the tech industry to implement DEI strategies and coaching leaders on DEI topics.
Katja Toropainen (she/her)
Julia is the COO and a DEI Consultant at Inklusiiv. Julia is a professional in business operations, modern human resource management and recruitment with extensive experience in the startup and technology industry.
Julia Hämäläinen (she/her)
COO, DEI Consultant
Yesmith is a DEI specialist and Business Strategy professional with broad experience building up and engaging diverse teams in rapidly changing environments. She trains companies and managers on how to build better workplaces and better businesses by building inclusive work cultures.
Yesmith Sánchez (she/her)
Senior DEI Consultant
Maija is a DEI specialist and certified Change Manager specialising in sustainable culture change and fostering a sense of belonging in workplace communities. She supports companies to grow their understanding of DEI topics, build DEI strategies and create effective action plans.
Maija Koponen (she/her)
Senior DEI Consultant
Nea is a seasoned marketing and communications professional with over 8 years of experience in tech startups and global stock-listed companies. With a deep understanding of the importance of storytelling, accessibility, inclusive communications, and value-based content, Nea has honed her expertise as a DEI expert and public speaker. Her passion for storytelling is complemented by her expertise in DEI, data-driven business, and value-based content marketing.
Nea Höynälä (she/her)
Communications & Marketing Lead
With a background in education sciences and economics, Aparna is knowledgeable about the best way to use pedagogy to advance DEI within organisations. Her passion lies within anti-racism, where she has experience of facilitating workshops and creating materials in the university setting.
Aparna Shakkarwar (she/her)
DEI Specialist & Community Manager
Maria is Research Manager and DEI Specialist at Inklusiiv, with experience in international research and policy on inclusive institutions and processes. She develops Inklusiiv’s evidence-based approach to advancing DEI, and helps organizations better understand their state of diversity and inclusion through data.
Maria Ristimäki (she/her)
Research Manager
Iida is Inklusiiv’s Community & Insight Manager, passionate about building engaging discussions around DEI topics. She has prior experience in consultancy, insight projects and strategic communications.
Iida Nalli (she/her)
Community & Insight Manager (On parental leave)
Andrew is our Operations Coordinator at Inklusiiv. He has a degree in International Business Management and has experience working in Supply Chain Management and managing and leading Non-Profit Organizations.
Andrew Mathe (he/him)
Andrew Mathe
Tatiana is a community coordinator at Women in Tech Finland. She has a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and has recently switched to studying tech, getting her second degree in Electrical Engineering.
Tatiana Pospelova (she/her)
Community Coordinator, Women In Tech Finland

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