Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Tech with Valo 2.0

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Technology Industries of Finland is committed to supporting the growth and competitiveness of the Finnish technology industry. With the help of DEI experts at Inklusiiv, Technology Industries of Finland has delivered a successful program aimed at improving diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.

Tech Titans of Finland: Leading the Way

Technology Industries of Finland is the leading lobbying organization for the technology industry in Finland, representing over 1,800 member companies. As the largest and most important export sector in the country, a thriving technology industry is crucial to the continued success of the Finnish welfare state.


Valo 2.0: A Bright Future for Finnish Tech

In the next ten years, the technology industry is expected to need 130,000 new experts, but the pool of talent in Finland is not expected to be enough to meet this demand. As a labour shortage in Finland looms, the need to find innovative ways to recruit international talent has never been greater. 

The Valo 2.0 program aims to provide companies with tools, information, and expertise and a growth path to becoming a more internationally attractive employer and workplace.

To achieve these goals, Technology Industries of Finland started a long-term strategic partnership with Inklusiiv to deliver a series of webinars, trainings, and workshops from September 2022 to April 2023.


Tailored DEI Sessions for Valo 2.0 

Inklusiiv’s team of experts supported Technology Industries of Finland by focusing on three critical areas: inclusive leadership, inclusive recruitment, and inclusive culture and organizational practices. The sessions were designed to equip participants with the best strategies for addressing biases in recruitment, fostering an environment that appeals to international talent and facilitating inclusive culture change. 

Inklusiiv’s evidence-based and industry tailored sessions were open to all employees of Technology Industries of Finland member organizations. The sessions were offered in a variety of formats, including shorter keynotes and longer workshops, allowing participants to engage in a way that best suited their needs and learning style.


Empowering Participants through Practical DEI Solutions

The content was kept practical, so participants could immediately apply what they learned to their own work. The result was a dynamic program that reached a broad audience and generated a lot of conversation around DEI. 

The sessions crystalised the concrete steps that need to be taken to facilitate recruitment and retention of diverse talent. Participants left feeling energized and eager to tackle the international talent issue.

The session also created an opportunity for networking. The attendees had the chance to interact with each other and share their experiences, realising that many of the difficulties they face are common across different companies. By exchanging ideas and potential solutions, they could work together to overcome these challenges, rather than attempting to find a solution independently.

The program has been a huge success, with over 200 companies. taking part so far, and more expected to join before the series ends in April. 

“Inklusiiv has supported us in delivering a dynamic program of webinars, trainings, and workshops for our members. Inklusiiv’s expert knowledge has allowed us to find practical solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing the technology industry in the coming years.”  – Jenni Pitkänen, Senior Advisor of Development of Working Life


A practical guide to attracting and retaining international talent

The collaboration also produced a valuable resource for organizations: a comprehensive guide on attracting and retaining international talent. The guide provides a wealth of information, inspiration, and practical tips on leadership, recruitment, and company culture. It even features a self-assessment tool to help organizations assess their strengths and areas for improvement, as well as inspiring case studies from successful businesses.


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