Aalto University Implements Inklusiiv’s Diversity and Inclusion E-learning

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Aalto University, one of Finland’s leading universities in arts, technology, and business, is committed to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in higher education. To achieve this goal, the university partnered with Inklusiiv to provide its staff with an EDI E-learning course enhancing their understanding of unconscious biases and enabling effective mitigation.


Collaboration to further advance Aalto’s EDI goals

Aalto University has been actively advancing EDI through various initiatives. As part of its ongoing efforts, the university wanted to provide all staff opportunities to learn about unconscious biases in the context of higher education. 

As a large organization with over 20,000 students and 4,000 employees, Aalto needed a practical and scalable approach to raise awareness of biases and provide actionable ways to mitigate their impact. 


Tailored e-learning modules for practical, organization-wide action

Aalto University partnered with Inklusiiv to create an interactive e-learning course, introducing Aalto staff to the basics of unconscious biases. The course includes sector specific readings lists and reflection activities tailored to the needs and context of a university community. The course material also includes practical ideas and guidance for actions which both individuals and the organization can take to mitigate biases. The e-learning package provided Aalto’s staff with practical tools to address DEI issues and offered a flexible and scalable solution to reach a large number of staff members.

In addition to the e-learning materials, Aalto University and Inklusiiv also partnered to organise live training sessions for staff members, which helped raise general awareness about biases.  The collaboration is continuing in autumn 2023 with an interactive workshop for the HR team.


EDI E-learning will continue to reach more Aalto employees

The collaboration between Aalto University and Inklusiiv has paved the way for the e-learning course to reach an increasing number of Aalto staff in the coming years.

“Working with Inklusiiv has been seamless and it is clear that their courses have been thoughtfully designed. Initial feedback on the e-learning has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are optimistic about the increasing number of employees who will benefit from it in the future.” – Ida Salin, EDI Officer, Aalto University

E-learning courses are a  practical, effective, and scalable solution to creating more inclusive and equitable workplaces. Find out more about Inklusiiv’s course offering here. 


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