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Netlight is an IT consultancy company of 2 000 role models across 7 countries making aspiring digital leaders successful, by providing a full range of consultancy services from technology and design to data and management. As an organization committed to inclusive principles, Netlight recognized the need to ensure consistent knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) among their employees.


Fostering a Culture of DEI

While Netlight has embraced DEI principles from the onset, the challenge lay in the varying levels of knowledge and commitment across their global operations. Netlight had internally initiated a DEI agenda called the “Kaleidoscope” agenda, to define their approach and to guide their DEI efforts forward. However, they acknowledged the need to translate the enthusiasm into tangible actions and ensure a shared understanding of DEI. They aspired to foster a culture where every individual was equipped with the necessary understanding and enthusiasm to drive DEI. This harmonization of knowledge was particularly relevant in their remarkably diverse teams that operate across nations. Thus, Netlight partnered with Inklusiiv to further enhance their DEI initiatives.

Accessible intranet page

To address the knowledge gap, Netlight and Inklusiiv collaborated to create an intranet page dedicated to DEI. The page featured core concepts, a wealth of knowledge through articles, clarifications, and associations between terms. Inklusiiv’s expertise in structuring the page content ensured accessibility and relevance for the employees. It was designed in close collaboration with Netlight’s DEI drivers so that it could cater for the specific needs of the organization. 


DEI keynote with tangible practices

To move beyond enthusiasm and foster practical application, Inklusiiv organized a keynote session, enabling employees to understand and apply DEI principles in their daily work and interactions. This session was part of a full week where Netlight allocated time to discuss their DEI agenda, Kaloidoscope, and aimed to empower employees to advance DEI both within the organization and when interacting with clients.

Transforming Netlight’s Organizational Culture

As a result, employees gained a deeper understanding of DEI principles and their role in fostering inclusion. This increased awareness translated into tangible actions, as Netlight’s teams actively continue to empower their employees to become ambassadors of change, challenge biases, and create a more inclusive and innovative work environment. Inklusiiv has also served as a sparring partner in order to support Netlight in keeping a compass when finding a direction to achieve their ambitious DEI goals. Netlight Consulting’s partnership with Inklusiiv exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts in driving inclusion. 

“Diversity, equity and inclusion drive creativity and enhance our services and culture by opening our collective mind. Inklusiiv’s expertise and unwavering support have been instrumental in our DEI journey in the last year. They truly understood our organization’s challenges and goals, tailoring their approach to our needs in the quest to make DEI an integral part of our core functions sales, consulting, and recruitment. Their deep knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion, coupled with their practical understanding of the tech industry, fostered a trusted and open environment for meaningful conversations about sensitive topics. – Daniel Schober, Partner, Netlight


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