The state of Equality in the Finnish Music Industry

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Globally there are many known cases of inequality and inappropriate behaviour in the music industry as seen in the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ survey on discrimination as well as the Musician’s Union’s case study on sexual harassment.  But is that the case in Finland? That’s what Finnish music organizations were also set to uncover with the survey on the state of equality in the Finnish music industry. 


Lack of data in the Finnish Music Industry

With no industry-specific data, it is hard to know what is the realistic full picture and understand what actions to prioritize to better promote equality. Finnish music organizations wanted to change this so they could implement effective policies and practices in the future. 


Survey partnership kicks off data collection

Finnish music organisations sought out a partner to conduct a survey to examine the state of equality in the Finnish music industry. They partnered up with Inklusiiv, an organization on a mission to create and share knowledge about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support organizations to transform DEI into action.

In collaboration, the two parties conducted a DEI survey to better understand the extent and forms in which inappropriate and exclusionary practices were taking place in the industry. The survey gathered insights into what organizations in the industry could do to better promote equality. The survey focused on experiences of inappropriate behaviours and exclusion, along with how people perceived the actions taken by the industry. You can read the full report here, but some of the results are summarised below:  

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Data helps define the next steps

Over 1000 participants responded to the survey and based on this data and Inklusiiv gave recommendations for the next steps. These recommendations include communicating zero-tolerance for inappropriate behaviour, facilitating open discussions around these topics,  and creating comprehensive practices for the reporting and handling of inappropriate behaviour. Now the Finnish music industry can plan solutions to tackle the ongoing issues. 

“We are more than satisfied to have worked with Inklusiiv and collected this industry-specific data. Obviously, it is clear that there is still a lot of work to do in promoting equality in the sector and preventing inappropriate behavior. However, based on Inklusiiv’s insightful recommendations, more information and tools are now underway. – Sanni Kahilainen, Head of Communications, Muusikkojen liitto


The launch event and press release keep the nationwide discussion going

The Finnish Music Industry wanted to be transparent and communicate the survey’s findings. The results were publicly shared at a press event held on Thursday 12th May 2022. During the event, valuable discussions surrounding the survey findings and the next steps needed in the industry were discussed. 

“The figures tell a harsh story. The whole industry has to take action to promote equality in all its activities. We are pleased to say that in Finnish Music Creators, we have already proactively started training staff and developing safer space principles together with experts in the field. Because of the fruitful and smooth collaboration with Inklusiiv, we have more understanding of the current state of things. Therefore, we are better equipped to hopefully accomplish a real change.” – Nina Lith, Head of Communications, Finnish Music Creators 

The partnership yielded media attention and clear commitment from organizations and its main actors. The music industry’s press release garnered positive media attention and welcomed an open discussion about these important topics. The music industry is set on the path to making real change in advancing equality in the Finnish music industry.

**Music organizations involved in the study were the Finnish Musicians’ Union, Finnish Music Creators’ Association, Music Finland, Finnish Music Foundation, Gramex, Finnish National Group of IFPI, Finnish Jazz Federation, Finnish Music Publishers Association, Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras, Society of Finnish Composers, and Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society Teosto.

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