Shaping a Diverse Future: Neste’s Commitment to Inclusion


Neste, a global leader in renewable and circular solutions, wants to make waves not only in the energy industry but also in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within its organization. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Neste has established itself as a frontrunner in sustainable practices, with operations spanning the globe. With a workforce of 5200, Neste is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Neste partnered with Inklusiiv to inspire and encourage meaningful DEI discussions. 


Creating a Values-Driven DEI Strategy

At the core of Neste’s DEI initiatives is a commitment to aligning their efforts with their organizational values. They understood that DEI cannot be an isolated program but must be woven into the fabric of their value-based culture. 

To create awareness and ensure effective communication around DEI, Inklusiiv provided consulting to Neste on internal communications. They helped Neste navigate the delicate balance of language, content, and imagery to ensure their messaging resonated with employees and stakeholders alike. By adopting a strategic approach to internal communications, Neste successfully conveyed their commitment to DEI and created a space for open dialogue and understanding. The developed content would serve as the basis to have value-based discussions, recognizing that DEI is not just about numbers, but about embodying the company’s values.


Engaging Content for Meaningful Conversations at Neste

To kickstart the DEI journey, the collaboration between Neste and Inklusiiv included a review of internal communications materials and the design of a video and script that explained the basics of DEI, including terminology, common barriers, and actionable steps for progress. This resource was thoughtfully crafted with subtitles available in both Finnish and English to ensure inclusion. The video also highlighted how Neste’s values are deeply intertwined with their commitment to DEI. These videos are meant to be the starting point for DEI centric conversations and as such they included customized reflection exercises. This combination provided a solid foundation for Neste employees to engage in meaningful discussions around DEI.


Equipping Neste’s Managers for Success

Recognizing the crucial role that managers play in fostering an inclusive workplace, Neste wanted to empower their team leaders with these materials to have effective DEI discussions with their teams. By empowering managers to lead the value discussions on DEI discussion on all teams, Neste ensured that DEI efforts were cascaded throughout the company. 

Inklusiiv and Neste recognize the central role that HR teams play in this journey. Neste’s business HR  professionals from across their global offices were trained on how the HR function can support leaders and employees to advance DEI. 

As part of Neste’s sustainability seminars, a company wide keynote was also held to bring more knowledge on how to move from awareness to action. It included tips on how individuals can get started in their allyship journey to ultimately create a more inclusive workplace for all.


Sustainable Impact and Ongoing Evolution

Neste’s collaboration  with Inklusiiv exemplifies their unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. By emphasizing on value-based discussions, equipping HR & managers, and focusing on impactful internal communications, Neste has set a shining example for other companies to follow. 

“It was a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience to work together with Inklusiiv’s experts. Based on our team leaders’ feedback from the team discussions,  we developed a fruitful concept for our organization to start discussing how important inclusion is in the working community.” -Arla Kytökivi, People Analytics Manager, Neste


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