Our approach: The Inklusiiv way

We make your journey, our journey. We work side by side to bring your DEI vision to life.
Our approach to working with you is designed with a single purpose in mind.
It is to make the experience as streamlined and simple as possible.


Our recipe for success

Expertise across domains

We seamlessly blend our 30+ years of DEI expertise with deep knowledge in HR, communications, business strategy, marketing, leadership and change management. This integration ensures that DEI becomes a fundamental aspect of your organizational DNA. 

Rooted in Research, Driven by Data

We steer clear of generic and fluffy actions. Our methods are firmly grounded in the latest DEI research, and we are guided by metrics and data.

Balancing behaviour and policies

DEI is shaped both by the daily behavior of your employees and the structural policies that govern your workforce. Inklusiiv offers tailored solutions to address both dimensions effectively.

Focused on value

Build, measure, learn – it’s as simple as that. We are laser-focused on creating tangible results for long-term results for our clients. 

Proven methods

We do love our methods. More importantly, we know how to match them with your needs. 

The outcomes of our work


Demographic, experiential, and cognitive differences appear throughout your organization.


Everyone has access to equal opportunities and to the tools they need to succeed.


All individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, and can contribute fully to the organization’s success.