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Incorporating inclusion into everyday work requires awareness and education. Thus we offer a wide variety of holistic and customized learning programs as well as one-off trainings depending on your organization’s needs.

Struggling to know where to start? We can help you to plan the training needs for your team and to choose the right training format from our many options.

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We provide DEI learning sessions in the following formats:

  • Keynote: To raise awareness and improve general knowledge about DEI topics.
  • Training: An interactive session to increase skills and capabilities to advance DEI.
  • Workshop: To find alignment and solutions for predefined topics or challenges.
  • Panel discussion: To bring insights and different perspectives about DEI.
  • E-learning: To provide scalable virtual solutions to support onboarding and learning.
  • Coaching: To provide 1-1 support for leadership, managers and employees.

For the whole organization:

  • Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Organizations
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias
  • Working in Diverse Teams
  • Inclusive Culture and Belonging

For leaders and managers:

  • Creating Sustainable DEI Change
  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Inclusive Leadership and Practices
  • Unconscious Bias for Managers

For specific functions:

  • Building Effective DEI Programs
  • Building Inclusive Recruitment
  • Inclusive Marketing and Communications
  • Developing Inclusive Workplace Practices
  • Unconscious Bias in Recruitment
  • Building Inclusive Culture
  • Inclusive Design Practices
  • Developing Inclusive Products and Services

Thematic content

  • How to be an Ally in the Workplace
  • Anti-racism and Active Allyship
  • Gender Equality in the Workplace
  • LGBTQ+ Allyship in Organizations
  • Addressing Microaggressions

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About our sessions

  • We talk about DEI topics in an empathetic, encouraging and easily understandable way. 
  • Our content focuses on practical solutions to advancing DEI in organizations.
  • We always customize our content based on the audience and use the latest research, data and best practices about the topics.
  • Before each session we have a preparation call to align on goals and expectations.

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Hear it from our customers:

  • “Over the span of 6 months, we immersed ourselves in a well crafted DEI learning program designed by Inklusiiv’s experts, delving deep into a wide range of DEI topics.  The engaging facilitation of each session, coupled with interactive exercises, equipped us with concrete strategies to take forward our DEI agenda.  This program not only fostered a deeper understanding of DEI among our group of internal advocates, but also strengthened our team’s competencies and skills in driving inclusion.”

    Peppi Härme, Head of Wellbeing, DEI & Payroll, VTT

  •  “We invited Inklusiiv to deliver 2 keynotes, one on unconscious biases and another regarding working in diverse teams. Inklusiiv also hosted a 2h training on inclusive leadership for Schibsted’s leadership team and managers. The engaging content was well received by our teams. With Inklusiiv’s support, we have been able to engage Schibsted in discussions about DEI, increase our knowledge, and build a sustainable foundation for our DEI work.”

    Enna Kursukangas, People & Culture Director, Schibsted

  • “Inklusiiv was able to work closely with us to tailor their sessions to cover the issues our employees thought would be most valuable and engaging. As a result, participation in the workshops was excellent, and we saw their concrete effect: our teams ended up motivated to bring an inclusive mindset to their day-to-day interactions. Inklusiiv’s expertise and approach to DEI is both practical and highly impactful, and we’re very grateful to have them by our side.” 

    Hal Tily, Head of Data Science, Oura Ring

  • “The Unconscious Bias for Recruitment workshop by Inklusiiv was extremely useful. It allowed us to gain a shared understanding on which we can build more inclusive hiring practices. Practical exercises helped the participants explore and understand their own biases and the impact of the actions.”

    Heidi Pech, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Futurice

  • “The workshop was very well planned, providing concrete guidance and action steps as well as interactive peer-to-peer discussions. The session was of high value and we’d warmly recommend it across both VC funds and portfolio companies alike!”

    Petra Tammisto, Head of Sustainability & Investment Manager, Evli Growth Partners

  • ”Our leadership and sales team participated to Inklusiiv D&I workshop to hear point of views of inclusive leadership, importance to organizations and impacts to business. With this, we are better equipped on our journey building a diverse workforce, where people of all backgrounds feel included and can bring their best and authentic selves to work, driving our business with increased customers satisfaction and ability to innovate.”

    Taina Järvinen, Head of Services,
    SAP Finland

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