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Codeo, a software development consulting company based in Finland, recognized the importance of integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles into their organizational culture and client interactions. With a team of 30 professionals distributed across Finland, they sought guidance from Inklusiiv to develop an employee handbook that embodies DEI principles. 

Collaborating with Inklusiiv to create a DEI-Focused Handbook 

Codeo aimed to create an employee handbook to tangibly reflect their dedication to DEI principles, both internally and in client interactions. Their objective was clear: to demonstrate this commitment, inspiring collaborative partnerships while ensuring DEI values permeated every facet of their operations. 

However, without the requisite expertise to seamlessly integrate DEI principles, they recognized the need for external support to provide them with a structured approach. Consequently, they turned to Inklusiiv for guidance.

Identifying principles and actionable steps

Inklusiiv conducted two interactive coaching sessions for Codeo. The sessions were designed to equip Codeo with essential DEI knowledge while providing a platform for brainstorming and ideation. 

The first session focused on introducing the basics of DEI and exploring its significance for organizations, while the second session delved deeper into creating Codeo’s own DEI principles and empowered Codeo to devise tangible actions for inclusion. 

Through a combination of training materials, workshop facilitation, and consulting, Inklusiiv supported Codeo in narrowing down their principles and brainstorming actionable steps.

Moving forward with DEI as the backbone

As a result of the coaching sessions, Codeo successfully developed core DEI principles to incorporate into their employee handbook. These principles were carefully crafted to align with the company’s vision and organizational culture. 

Inklusiiv helped us create a set of DEI principles that will be integrated into our employee handbook. We appreciated how Inklusiiv was able to grasp our needs and support us in the creation of concrete guidelines we can employ both in our interactions with customers and within our internal operations.” –  Tommi Aho, Founder, Chief Sustainability Officer, Codeo

Furthermore, Codeo was able to generate a comprehensive list of actions for each principle at the individual, team, and organizational levels, categorized based on their potential impact and effort required. 

The Finnish handbook, soon to be translated into English as well, serves as a foundational document that guides both internal operations and client interactions, reflecting Codeo’s unwavering commitment to DEI principles and fostering an inclusive workplace culture. 

Crafting the handbook was important for everyone at Codeo as it facilitated the discussion of the company values and prompted thoughtful reflection on the type of workplace they aspire to cultivate.  “It is a must-have exercise for all organizations who want to move forward with DEI as their backbone.” Tommi concludes.

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