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E-learning is a scalable, powerful, and accessible tool to support the learning of all members in the organization.

Inklusiiv’s e-learning solutions are designed to provide a hands-on approach and to empower self-learning. Our cost-effective and scalable courses are built to support organisations in their ongoing DEI efforts.


E-learning allows employees to complete their training at their own pace, from any location, and at a time that suits them. 

E-learning eliminates the expenses associated with traditional annual training methods, and ensures that DEI topics can consistently be a part of company onboarding.

E-learning incorporates interactive elements which helps to keep employees engaged and invested in the learning process. 

E-learning offers closed captions, the ability to pause for reflection, rewind and review difficult concepts, or repeat lessons as often as needed, making it a more accessible learning experience.

DEI e-learning equips employees with a thorough understanding of concepts and evidence-based best practices,  empowering employees to actively do their own part to advance DEI. 

E-learning makes it easy and efficient to train a large number of employees, as there are no limitations on capacity or timing. 


With our comprehensive e-learning course you’ll:

  • Gain knowledge and tangible skills to advance DEI in the workplace
  • Have an interactive and enjoyable learning experience through videos, exercises, quizzes, and self-reflection questions
  • Learn at your own pace and in your own space, with the possibility to revisit key information and concepts as needed
  • Decrease the need for organising annual DEI training and instead be able to embed DEI training into company onboarding.

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What our customers have to say:

  • aalto edi e-learning

    Case study: Aalto University Implements Inklusiiv’s DEI E-learning

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    “Working with Inklusiiv has been seamless and it is clear that their courses have been thoughtfully designed. Initial feedback on the e-learning has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are optimistic about the increasing number of employees who will benefit from it in the future.” – Ida Salin, EDI Officer, Aalto University

  • image-1340

    Case study: TEK Builds on DEI Knowledge through E-learning

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    “Inklusiiv’s e-learning package makes it possible for us to ensure everyone in our team is knowledgeable about DEI topics, and thus enables us to continue advancing DEI in our activities. The e-learning material is practical, informative and filled with topical real life examples. “  -Kati Johansson, Human Resources Director, TEK

Some of the organizations that have already used our e-learning or other scalable learning solutions to empower their employees:

Why is DEI e-learning the future of DEI training?

Inklusiiv’s DEI e-learning helps you unlock the full potential of your organization. 

At Inklusiiv, we understand the unique needs of each organization, which is why we offer three customizable packages to choose from. Whether you’re just starting your DEI journey or looking to take it to the next level, we have the perfect solution for your team. Get in touch to find out more.

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DEI Surveys & Assessments

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DEI Learning

Laying a strong foundation is key to driving real DEI change. That’s where our trainings, coaching sessions and e-learning come in.


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By purchasing our services, you’ll get access to the largest DEI Community.  Events, networking opportunities, and peer support await you.


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