Advancing DEI in working life

We create and share knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and support organizations to transform DEI into action.

Inklusiiv is your strategic DEI partner

Whether your organization is just getting started or already far in your DEI journey, Inklusiiv can be your strategic DEI partner to build a long-lasting impact.

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advancing DEI

Your DEI Community

Inklusiiv Community is formed by organizations that are committed to advancing DEI and recognize it as a strategic priority. We facilitate networking and knowledge-sharing for our community, and support organizations to create more inclusive workplaces through tangible actions.

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Inklusiiv’s DEI Research & Resources

We are committed to improving awareness and knowledge of DEI topics. We research DEI topics and make the latest insights from across the world readily available for everyone. We are on an on-going basis on looking for potential collaborators and research partners! 

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advancing DEI

Our values guide our work

Keep learning

We understand our knowledge and understanding needs to be ever evolving, and therefore we value a commitment to learning – both as individuals and as an organization. We share our feedback and learnings transparently and use that new knowledge to reach the next level.


Advance inclusion

Advancing inclusion means the commitment to take action, measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for all our activities. We practice kindness, care and compassion towards each other so everyone feels welcomed and respected regardless of their background or position. We recognise we all have biases and we actively work to counteract them.

Take responsibility

We are self-directing and trusting, and allow each other the autonomy to drive results. We proactively take action and hold ourselves accountable for our decisions. We’re in this together since we strive to reach the same goals. We stay forward-thinking by seeking solutions.

Strive for impact

We have a shared ambition and interest to work for a greater purpose. We define our goals and strategy together to build a sustainable and impactful organization. We optimise our daily work to create meaningful long-term results for our team, clients, partners, and society as a whole. 

Prioritize wellbeing

We are here for the long run, so we take care of our wellbeing. We support a healthy work-life balance and offer high flexibility. Through empathy and compassion, we take the time to help one another, as well as celebrate each other’s and the organization’s wins. 

Our Structure

Inklusiiv provides customized solutions and services for organizations to strategically support them on their DEI journey. 

Inklusiiv Association is a registered non-profit,  that creates and shares knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion and drives societal change. The association’s main focus is on research. 


Our story

Before 2019, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) were not widely discussed or prioritised in the Nordics. Even more so, there was a significant gap between awareness and action. 

Although there were many dedicated individuals who tirelessly worked towards addressing these inequalities, most organizations lacked clarity on the actionable steps they could take. Organizations needed tangible guidance on how to get started, as well as the knowledge, data, goals, and support necessary to drive real DEI change. 

Inklusiiv was founded to offer just that and support organizations worldwide in creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We combine our evidence-based approach, with our extensive knowledge and expertise of organizational strategy, HR, and change management. This comprehensive approach allows us to push the boundaries of DEI initiatives.

Our vision has always been to make a meaningful impact and thus we focus on strategic, intersectional and customised solutions focusing on sustainable change. We’re grateful to all who support us in that mission.