13.9.2022 / 13.0014.00

MEMBER EVENT: How to become a good ally?

Achieving more inclusive practices in the workplace is an ongoing journey that requires conscious and orchestrated efforts from both organizations and individuals. The important question is, how can we as individuals be good allies and how can we promote it in the workplace to create an inclusive environment? An inclusion ally is someone willing to take action to support another person in order to remove the barriers that impede that person from contributing their skills in the workplace or community.

In this virtual event, let’s discuss the importance of becoming an ally of underrepresented groups and what individuals and organizations can do to promote this practice as a way to become more inclusive.

This session includes:

  • A short presentation about allyship and its importance.
  • How can you become a good ally?
  • Small group discussions to further understand about the topic based on some practical scenarios and exchange the findings with others.