14.10.2021 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Inclusion of international talents in Finnish working life

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about attracting international talent – but less so on how to foster inclusive environments for both newcomers and existing international talent in Finland. It’s time to address the real challenges in the international talent discussion – and that is exactly what we’re doing in the upcoming Inklusiiv Talks.

In this event, we will: – Discuss how to create more inclusive culture to better integrate existing international talent in Finnish working life – Provide solutions on how to overcome barriers of integration, for example with better cross sectoral collaboration between companies, public sector and NGOs.

Speakers: Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä (Head of Talent Boost), Ryan Savage (Head of Talent at Inventure),  Kamilla Sultanova (DEI Expert), Kristina Sweet (CEO at The Shortcut) and Bikash Gurung (Head of Projects & Events at Inklusiiv). 

The key takeaways from the event can be found HERE and the video recording of the event can be found HERE.