9.2.2021 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Parental Leave and its Role in Promoting Gender Equality

In this event, we will discuss parental leave from the policies point of view, and learn how these parental leave policies help to promote gender equality.

After a child is born, it’s very important that parents are provided enough time to bond with their new one. The working parents are looking for flexible working arrangements to manage both their career and family commitments. But do parental leave policies provide equal opportunities for either of the parents to take the leave without having an effect in their income and caring responsibilities? How does that affect their decisions on which of the parents to take the leave? What are the social and cultural structures that shape these policies and their overall importance in promoting gender equality? 💡

Inklusiiv Talks are free of charge and open to everyone interested in this topic and wants to learn more about advancing gender equality through parental leave policies. All participants must register to be able to attend the event (link above). The Zoom platform link will be shared with the registered participants via email prior to the event.

Speaker lineup:
▪ Johanna Lammi-Taskula, Head of Unit and research manager at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL
▪ Annica Moore, Executive Director at Mothers In Business (MIB) ry
▪ Aleksi Lumme, Author and Product Lead at Reaktor
▪ Livia Hakala, Lead designer at Motley Agency
▪ Julius Hurri, Talent Manager at Netlight Consulting

The key takeaways from the event can be found HERE and the video recording of the event can be found HERE.