7.6.2022 / 9.0010.00

MEMBER EVENT: How to build effective awareness and engagement for DEI work across your organization?

Organizations often focus great efforts on increasing internal awareness about diversity, equity and inclusion, which is an important starting point in any DEI work. However, without careful planning, keynotes and trainings can be found to have limited impact on truly advancing towards set DEI goals. Building awareness about DEI topics is also often harder than it might at first seem – individuals can be hesitant to change, or unaware of their own role in making the necessary adjustments within the workplace community.

In this Inklusiiv member event we will share ideas and insights on how to effectively raise awareness of DEI topics across your organization, and how to engage the necessary colleagues in supporting your DEI efforts. We will discuss:

  • Why and how awareness raising is the first step to successful DEI change
  • How to pivot your awareness raising initiatives to maximise their impact
  • How to activate colleagues across your whole organization to support your DEI work
  • Practical ideas and examples of how to raise awareness among different audiences e.g. senior leadership, managers and employees.