Inklusiiv ry

Inklusiiv ry

Inklusiiv ry is a non-profit, registered association that creates and shares knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion and drives societal change in Finland.

We are committed to improving awareness and knowledge of DEI topics.

From the beginning, our core mission has been to contribute to a more inclusive society by creating and sharing knowledge relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. We research and develop new DEI knowledge and make available the latest insights from across the world. These projects will further enrich the DEI knowledge & data available in Finland and help companies to understand the benefits of promoting DEI.

Inklusiiv ry’s vision is supported by the existence of Inklusiiv Oy as working with companies and helping them to advance DEI is one concrete way to make the change happen in Finland.

We are on an on-going basis on looking for potential collaborators and research partners for continuing our work in research and insights. Contact us at if you would like to chat more!

Our impact

Inklusiiv DEI Resource Bank

The Inklusiiv DEI Resource Bank is an extensive source of information on a range of DEI topics. You can find relevant information and resources whether you are already an expert in DEI, or just getting started. The data bank also includes insights generated through Inklusiiv’s own research efforts.

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State of Diversity and Inclusion in Finland Survey

The State of D&I Survey challenges Finnish companies to report their diversity and inclusion data and efforts. 

The main goal of the survey is to gather information about the state of DEI in companies based in Finland, as well as to provide benchmark and concrete best practice examples for all. Nation specific knowledge is important to bring perspective, inspiration and to identify the areas of opportunity in which organizations can play a role.

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I Started This

The I Started This -campaign aims to encourage more people to pursue entrepreneurship by showcasing diverse entrepreneurs and their stories. The campaign offers resources, knowledge and support to all those curious about entrepreneurship.

The two campaigns in 2020 and 2021 introduced 50+ entrepreneurial role models and shared their unique stories. Read more about the campaign and all role model stories from the campaign site.

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Inklusiiv ry Board

Amy Nguyen
Investment Manager, Wave Ventures
Kaisa Seppo
Sales Associate Director, Accenture
Stephen (Steve) Lee
Communications Strategy Director, San Francisco
Katja Toropainen
Founder, Inklusiiv

Supporting membership

Companies and organizations can apply to become an official supporting members of Inklusiiv ry association. As a supporting member, you will receive an annual member e-magazine with insights to advancing DEI in your organization. Supporting membership is based on a yearly membership fee.

If you’re interested in joining Inklusiiv ry as a Supporting Member, please send us an email at

Supporting Members

Our Services

We help organizations to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and include it as part of their strategic priorities.

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About Us

We create and share knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion, and support organizations to transform it into action. Learn more about what we do!

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DEI Resource Bank

DEI Resource Bank provides you the latest research, knowledge and best practices from around the world. Happy reading! 

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Join our events where we share latest DEI insights, create a space for people to discuss topical DEI issues and share best practices.  

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