We organize insightful events around various diversity, equity and inclusion topics throughout the year - we warmly welcome all interested in these topics to participate and engage in the discussions. See you there!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

21.4.2022 / 11.0012.00

MEMBER EVENT: How to lead inclusive meetings?

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7.4.2022 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Driving DEI changes in organizations

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22.2.2022 / 14.0015.00

MEMBER EVENT: DEI Trends for 2022

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18.11.2021 / 14.0018.00

INKLUSIIV FORUM 2021. Belonging: An integral part of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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14.10.2021 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Inclusion of international talents in Finnish working life

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23.9.2021 / 16.3018.30

Building a Sustainable Future with Entrepreneurship

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11.6.2021 / 9.0010.20

INKLUSIIV TALKS. Inclusive Leadership: Role of leaders in creating inclusive organizations

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22.4.2021 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Taking actions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – The Role of Data

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9.2.2021 / 9.0010.00

INKLUSIIV TALKS: Parental Leave and its Role in Promoting Gender Equality

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27.10.2020 16.3027.10.2022 19.00

Women in Tech Forum 2020

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22.9.2020 / 8.0010.00

Updating Entrepreneurship to 2020

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Our event concepts

Inklusiiv Talks

Inklusiiv Talks are open to all virtual events where we have topical discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion with guest speakers.




Inklusiiv Forum

Inklusiiv Forum is a biannual event bringing together DEI experts, professionals interested in DEI topics and committed organizations in Finland and beyond to share learnings and engage in discussions about the state of DEI, future of working life and essentials in building more inclusive, hence better workplaces.


Member Events

Member Events are events for Inklusiiv Community members on various DEI topics, facilitated by Inklusiiv experts.

Find out more about our member community here. 



Women in Tech Forum

Women in Tech Forum brings together tech professionals and raises awareness of the current state of gender equality and inclusion within the tech field. The event offers insightful panels and keynotes from tech professionals. The event is organized by Women in Tech Finland, a network that is facilitated by Inklusiiv.

Learn more about Women in Tech Finland here.


Our Services

We help organizations to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and include it as part of their strategic priorities.

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About Us

We create and share knowledge about diversity, equity and inclusion, and support organizations to transform it into action. Learn more about what we do!

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DEI Resource Bank

DEI Resource Bank provides you the latest research, knowledge and best practices from around the world. Happy reading! 

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Inklusiiv Community

Inklusiiv Community brings you best practices, latest insights and networking opportunities with other companies committed to DEI.

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