11.6.2021 / 9.0010.20

INKLUSIIV TALKS. Inclusive Leadership: Role of leaders in creating inclusive organizations

Why should leaders consider DEI relevant to their organization and team? And furthermore, why creating safe working environments and a sense of belonging is important for individuals and organizations? Let’s answer these questions in an interactive session.

We’ll begin with a short presentation by Yesmith Sanchez (DEI consultant at Inklusiiv) about the characteristics of inclusive leadership and its importance followed by panel discussion with Yacine Samb (DEI lead, Google) and Sami Itani (President, Finnish Athletics) and Katja Toropainen (Founder, Inklusiiv) on understanding the role of leaders can play in creating inclusive organizations.

Yesmith Sanchez, DEI consultant at Inklusiiv
Yacine Samb, DEI lead at Google
Sami Itani, President at Finnish Athletics
Katja Toropainen, Founder at Inklusiiv

The video recording of the event can be found HERE.